Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Argh. Can't sleep. Insomnia, which has never let me down in the years that I've been dealing with it, strikes again. I have overdone things a bit this week and my new chest is swollen just a tad, and it's a truly odd feeling. My own fault. I'll lay off things tomorrow.

It's hard to think of how often you use certain muscle groups before circumstances make you change habits. How many times do I take my daughter under the arms and sweep her up? Hugs, tickles, on and off the bus, on and off my lap, half a dozen times during pull-up changes? Once or twice just to bring a smile to her face. I was totally swept off my feet this week by her sudden willingness to talk. There were so many times that she used her words to label objects. She asked for more treats earlier today. She even said "please".

I'm never going to get tired of hearing her voice. Never get tired of having her hand me a book and take my other hand to lead me to the couch for a story. She climbs into my lap and snuggles close to read a book. She says the name of the book. I have to count each victory separately because it feels like such an overwhelming accomplishment.

Another post of random disjointed thoughts as I can't fall asleep even though my brain is wandering through a hazy dream-like world. My body on the other hand can't fall asleep. So let's jump on the Net, right? Let's let my fingers do some wandering to new sites and some old favorites that I haven't visited in a while.

Everybody, have a wonderful night and a beautiful tomorrow. If you are blessed with offspring, give them an extra hug.

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