Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This morning my son's teacher was here on her home visit, and told me that I'm glowing. I have felt pretty ever since last week, on a regular basis, and it's showing. More confidence in my appearance, more confidence in myself, and I love it... It can't be all put down to surgery, but a good deal of it can be. Wonderful.

When you feel good on the inside it burns through to the outside. You take more pains with your appearance. You dress better, take pride in your figure, wear the colors and cosmetics that flatter you. It's a cascade upwards. I'm much more familiar with the cascade downwards, with depression and low days and the like. Nice to know that the reverse is equally true, that when I feel better inside the outside reflects it.

So what am I doing to celebrate this? That's the question. I love feeling like this. I love feeling pretty, feeling happy, love that people are noticing. How do I make this feeling last forever? More importantly, where was this self-confidence when I was young?

I had a little unexpected money come in this week. First thing I thought of was using it to fund the grocery shopping. What did I do? I bought a set of used teletubby tapes for my daughter. I bought a new pipe for my husband. Then I bought a set of weaving sticks for myself. I last used weaving sticks as a child, making a hanging planter. Since I've been bitten by the crafting bug again (and in time to do some stuff for my virtual craft show on etsy!) I can start doing that again. There are so many things that can be done with weaving. And knitting. And beading.

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