Sunday, January 18, 2009

This weekend has been pretty much like the past couple of weeks: lost. Utterly and totally lost. I've spent the daylight hours with the kids, trying to keep them content and cared for, and the evening hours staring at the computer in between ten-minute shots of housework. I've binged on potato chips. I've not checked my blood sugars. I've been feeling like rubber, but whether or not that's related to the ongoing insomnia or the diabetes or even the kids' crankiness is up for debate.

One thing I accomplished yesterday was grocery shopping. I got a chicken, and a family pack of steaks that were marked down, and cooked them both up last night. This is supposed to cut down on cooking work next week- cooked and frozen meat in portion controlled packs are so nice to have. I got three steak packs, and four chicken packs out of it- tried out a slow-cooker liner for the chicken. Turned out very nice. I still had to run the crockpot insert through the dishwasher, but it was a world easier to cleanup.

Vegetable Chicken. It turned out very well. Easy, too, which helps. I laid the chicken on the bottom of the pot. Then a handful of frozen minced onion, about a cup of frozen diced potato, a pack of baby carrots, and 2 ribs of chopped celery. The carrots and celery were recognizable, and the potato and onion cooked down into something like mashed potato. It combined with the chicken stock to then turn into a thick broth. Potato-enhanced. I saved out that broth with some of the chicken and tomorrow I'm heating it in a saucepan with a packet of gravy and a cup of water. Cook till done. Serve with a spinach salad? Nice.

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