Monday, January 05, 2009

It's been longer than usual, I guess, since I've last updated. Marked by such moments as:
Tiff: Apples!
Daddy: There are no apples.
Tiff: Apples! (leading Daddy by the hand to the fridge)
Daddy: We can look, but I promise you there are no apples.
Tiff: (poking head in fridge) Apples?
Daddy: There are no apples. And you can throw yourself on the floor and cry if you like, but that will not make apples appear.
Tiff: But I'm a good girl!

Robbie pulling to stand and falling on his bottom. Reaches up hands and declares: Mama!
Mama appears and grabs his hands, he pulls up. "Mama!" Chortling with joy.

Also marked by such moments as:

Tiffany! Robbie! Stop that at once!

Of course they ignore me. They're kids. I'm just the mother. What do I know? I'm here solely to provide snacks and ruin their fun. I've also been working on my writing, signed up at and am working on some xmen related fics- an age ago when I was in high school and college I was into it and wrote some back then, it was a great writing exercise that helped polish plot and character ideas for my own stuff and I'm hoping it can be that again.

Unfortunately it brought to my attention how much time has passed since high school and the last time I followed that comic. I graduated in 1995. Do you know that was more than 10 years ago? Geez. I'm certainly not any older. Comics are like soaps- a year is about three cast changes and character deaths that turn out only to be mostly dead. Dead isn't dead when you're talking fiction.

There are also two commissions on my needles at the moment. So I'm flitting between one thing and another and this has suffered. I'll try to do better.

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