Friday, May 01, 2009

Ah. May first. The First of May. Mayday. A holiday celebrating the spring, and planting, and the aboundant fruitfulness of the earth.

I may just be too cheery about the prospect. As always, it's payday, which puts me in a generally better mood. I'm planning my grocery trip. My darling husband has the day off so I have the car, which in turn means that I will be able to get over to the DMV at long last and trade my temp tags for real ones. Hallelujah. The title papers came in and went to the WA DMV last week. About time.

The children are happy to see their father home. Not as happy as he is to see them, I suspect. And there is the off chance that I will be granted the ability of the afternoon nap today. Oh, the Afternoon Nap. How I have lusted after it in my heart over the past couple of weeks.

Blood sugar is coming down, insulin is going in, and diet is coming into a new area. Interestingly enough, the diet portion is so much easier to do this time around. I've gotten past the worst of the all-carb, all the time, craving. I get hungry for veggies now. Salads. I'm trying to take a large chunk of my protein in a day from soy rather than animal-based (cause of the cholesterol, which is already high enough). Lots of fluids.

Have a great weekend. The sun is shining here on the island, and the tulips are blooming everywhere we look.

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