Friday, May 22, 2009

Nursing is more of a calling than a profession. Like anything worthy of being a calling, it's grown an entire culture. There are nurses who take the job home with them, those who live and breathe the caring. It's more than procedures, it's more than holding hands, it's getting through. I've been a patient more times than I can remember. I've seen my share of nurses- both ends of the spectrum from the ones who clashed with my own personality to the one I'll never forget, who I dubbed privately "LTJG Mary Poppins. Or Ann."

There's a nifty new site celebrating nurses. It's aboutScrubs. Not the show, it's a reference to the uniform that's become as indicative of a nurse as the tshirt and jeans uniform speaks of young adults- from college to the hanging out around the house casually on the weekend. One of the areas, showcasing stories of nurses in the field, spoke about preemies- and as everybody knows by now preemies are something that I am particularly connected to.

There are several good articles on this site as well. One on Nurses with disabilities, one dealing with prayer and patients. Is it okay in this world to pray with your patients? Is it a given that once a nurse suffers a disability that may result in the need for accomodations to be made in the workplace, her career is over?

I don't know if there's one right or wrong answer to any of it. But I do know that this is a site I found to be very well-done. Both in format and content, it remains easy on the eyes and the brain.

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