Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I think this week we're seeing the last "gasp" of the terrible twos. They weren't all that terrible, really, this past year. Not compared to some of the tantrums I witnessed other kids having- the kind that makes any mother raise an eyebrow, take a breath of relief, and thank God that those aren't HER kids and that she can walk away. My Preschooler has gone to bed for the night now, it's been a whole day of extremes from behaved child all the way to screaming tantrums while walking with the tricycle. Those resulted in her being bodily carried over my shoulder like a potato sack all the way home. Kicking and screaming the whole way. On the bright side, I've now done the cardio portion of my day. Definitely. No one can claim that this experience did not give me an intense workout.

We're all working on my diet this week. Not just for my sake; the Boy is once again approaching his mandatory weight checks and physical fitness testing. He's got to lose the handful of pounds that has crept back on since the last time. Since he wants to drop carbs and add veggies, and since I've got to drop most of my carbs and add serious veggies, and since we live in a place where they're just so gosh-darn cheap, I've been expanding the recipe books one more time. This time I've even started making some progress in it.

For one thing, who knew that me, who hates spinach with a passion, would like fresh baby spinach when it's stir-fried with pulled pork and fresh cut corn in a sesame-ginger sauce? I had seconds and thirds of that, and my glucose came in at a nice number. If anyone wants the recipe, request and I'll post it. Tonight's dinner was a variation on Quiche Lorraine, carb-light and made my glucose even happier. Lots of freshness, and it tasted yummy, and it was done in about 30minutes.

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