Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Today the Preschooler turned Three. A big number. She transitioned out of the infant/toddler early intervention program she was in and we had all sorts of evaluations and meetings to figure out how her needs would be best served now. It's not an easy answer, really. Part of her personality she came by honestly- the double dose of what we lovingly call “stubborn”. In other words, you can't get her to do anything. If she knows that it's part of a test or someone else's program, she will refuse to do anything and block it out of her acknowledgment completely. If you can come at her sideways with a task, get her involved into thinking that it's all her own idea, she will constantly amaze you with the ability that's going on behind her wide blue eyes.

She turned three and the program lets her attend until the end of hte month, but since it's the end of her month there's no real difference in it. Fortunately her needs have led the district to offer us a placement in the special needs school; they have a really good preschool program that's a fit for her needs and what can be done. Today she turned three and I dressed her up to go over and do the formal enrollment. Since the shot records were in place and the other paperwork was all done, she can start tomorrow. I'm so ready.

I'm also so NOT ready. This isn't like the other program where I had to remain on the premises. This is a school where I will drop her off at 8 and pick her up at 11. It was only yesterday that she was my preemie, so fragile and tiny in my arms.

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