Monday, March 16, 2009

This morning the washer and dryer got hooked up. I now have the power of Laundry. That's right, my super-powers are coming back online after a few weeks of being powerless against the dirty clothes.

Yay me.

The house is now almost completely unpacked- the only things left are the clothes, which is going to be an easy manner of taking out of boxes and rehanging in the closet, and the crafts and books. Books are not being unpacked until bookcases are bought and set up. Crafts are not being unpacked until the closet storage stuff is here and in place to receive them. Next on my to-do list is scheduling the trash pickup guys to come and get the bags of packing paper and flattened boxes. That will be a sweet, sweet day.

I've almost got a decent living space again, not a maze of boxes and junk. This is the sweet part about unpacking and moving in.

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