Monday, March 10, 2008

We are a family.

My mom is pictured wearing a mask because she was having a very sore throat with cough and had a fever last night. Maybe she's over-reacting, but this kid just got home from three and a half months in NICU. I'm okay with a little over-reacting right now.

The Toddler adores Robbie. A brother! Of her own! A baby! And he has feet, and a head, and a tube that comes out his nose that seems just perfect for yanking on!

Me? I spent an entire work day at the hospital getting things together and signed off on. Left the house before 0700. Left the hospital at 1630. Okay, so that's not a whole workday, but I had a 15minute lunch for crying out loud. This entire week is filled with the followup doctor appts for all of us, so I'm hoping to just keep everyone happy, fed, and wearing clean pants.

Heaven help us all.


Bluepaintred said...

Oh! When you posted soon, I had no idea it was to be this soon! This is wonderful!

Why does Robbie need to keep the tube in? Does he sleep well, or is bringing home a baby from the NICU the same in that respect as bringing home a new born?

You must be SO pleased!

Pollyanna said...


Lisa said...

I'm SO THRILLED for you, Mary!! Yea!!!!! I got chills and my eyes welled up when you told me! Congrats, hon! I'm so glad big sister loves her little Robbie!! That ROCKS!!