Monday, March 03, 2008

We got there to pick him up and found that the doctor had changed his mind. There are some other minor issues that taken individually don't seem like much but when added all up are enough to raise concerns. Certainly enough to retain the child in NICU and move him back to the main facility for more tests.

I miss him. I was all ready for bringing him home. The house was clean. I was ready. I made his bed and tucked in a lovey, and now there's no baby. The Toddler was the worst, still having meltdowns every time we turned around and clinging to everyone. Made it easier to keep our shit together, though.

I miss my baby. I want him home already. Is that too much to want? Even though I know it's better by far to have these little things worked out ahead of time, it's just so much worse to be ready and all psyched for this thing and then find out it's not happening.

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Lisa said...

I'm so sorry, Mary! {{{Mary}}} Ya'll are in my prayers!