Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In a way it's been a too-long day. I got some things done. I didn't get others done until after dinner, when my body's running on empty as far as energy levels and the rest of me is vaguely wired. I've been watching my diet a lot this past week; in the past three weeks I've been attempting to stick closely to the gestational diabetes guidelines that I went to class for- those numbers and guidelines can bring me almost within standards. It's the rest of the time I worry about... My fasting sugar is still too high. It throws off breakfast and mostly lunch. If lunch is too high, I might as well give up on dinner altogether because it's never been below a 190 no matter how few carbs I eat. This leads me to believe that it's back on the insulin when I do see the doctor next week. I can cope with that.

The preschooler uses more and more words. She finally had a meeting with the regional psychologist and has officially been given the title of PDD-NOS. Essentially, borderline autism. It's not quite autism but it's in that field. It is the diagnosis that I was fairly sure fit her. Knowing that she's finally got this condition makes me rest easier. Feel less like a rotten mother for feeling out of my depth when I tell people that she needs constant supervision- that I can't just assume that she'll follow the house rules or even common sense guidelines for safety. It's a hard thing. It wears me out emotionally and mentally, even though physically I'm doing better lately than I've been in ages. She's enjoying her preschool program immensely. I couldn't ask for a better placement for her than this.

And as for the Robbie, he continues to gain weight and thrive. Slow going, almost painfully slow. He gains weight at about half the rate the doctor wants to see. In the past two weeks he's been gaining 14gm a day, which is not quite what we'd like (20-40 is the norm). Still, he hasn't lost weight at all, which is the important thing.

We just keep on, keeping on. What's new in your life?

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