Monday, May 19, 2008

There is a reason why I should never blog under the influence of drugs and depression. It leads to wierd things like last night's rantings. Let me recap into "sane" for you all.

I was tired. I took an ambien to help me fall asleep during a nice long lazy afternoon nap. I did not sleep. I sort of slept, then staggered around drunk-ish the rest of the night. I remember when it wore off (sorta) cleaning the kitchen. Nothing beyond that.

And so I begin a brand new week, still feeling as though both my personal life and my house have escaped my control. My solution? Baby steps, as thought up by FlyLady and her system. I've talked about it before, how it's slowly changing my life. Well, it can work again. Baby steps. Put away five things here, five things there. Every time I pass the dishwasher I put away another handful of things. I've tossed stuff into the laundry basket in the living room, and every commercial break I put away five more things. Given that I still have an ambien hangover this morning, I'm not moving that fast or easily. I have faith, though, that by the time lunch time rolls around I will have accomplished something decent.

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