Wednesday, January 02, 2008

As y'all know, apart from my previous life as Mary Poppins (professional receptionist, admin, and all-around "fixer" of certain researching things) I trained in library science. Which isn't just a tight-lipped person with wire-rimmed glasses, a tight bun, and the ability to SHUSH people wordlessly. I wanted to go into something like corporate record management, which is a big fancy term for Librarian to the Suits. Technology changes at record speed. These days a corporate librarian almost needs to start with a minimum of a Masters, and loads of extra IT classes. She needs to know what it is, how to fix it, how to categorize it, and how to maximize for the user base she will ultimately support (and all without mussing her hair or wrinkling the suit).
SFTP Server, SSH Server, data, metadata. How do you keep everything going and secure in a world that increasingly demands security? At the same time as demanding access from anyone, anywhere, anytime -as long as they're authorized? It's enough to make someone rip their hair out. I couldn't keep up with it, though I went through school with people who did and who dreamed of this as their highest goal. And even though I fell off-track in the quest for this type of position, I still keep up with things. Maybe it's in my blood at this point? I dream of simplifying my home network and tech responsibility even though it's limited now to just this family. I browse technical journals and sites to keep current on one-stop solutions for businesses- and I wonder often at how soon I can win a lottery to afford one of these to play with. Someday. When the kids are grown and in school and I go for that masters.

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