Tuesday, January 08, 2008

It's no use crying over spilled milk.

Last night I pumped a fairly decent amount. Got up to put the milk away; I had enough in that little bottle for one more addition to the freezer stash. I don't freeze it until I have half an ounce in the bottle, because it looks so depressingly small at anything less than that. I mean, if it doesn't cover the bottom of the bottle by more than a few drops, what's the point? It'll melt in the car on the way up to Children's, no matter how much ice I pack around it.

So I was standing up from the chair and my balance slipped a little and I dropped the bottle. The lid was not on. The milk went down, sideways, got my skirt wet and a little of the chair.

When I think of all the work it takes to get that much out (just about a quarter ounce, which is slightly more than a teaspoon for those of you who need a comparison to fully feel my pain) I could have cried. I mean, really. I sit there with the pump for about half an hour on both sides just to produce enough drops to make that. And then I lose it all. It's a very sad thing.

Either I was feeling relaxed at the time, or I've been learning to let go of my supply issues. When this happened I was able to instantly shrug it off. This morning I'm feeling the pain of it though. This morning I'm really noticing how much that was in the larger scheme of things.

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