Saturday, January 05, 2008

I held my baby again today, after I found him. This kid really needs to stop moving around, getting out on his own, changing locations without warning me first... See, I arrived at the NICU this evening and innocently went to his room. Instead of the familiar isolette in space "b", there was an open warming crib containing a baby about three times the size of my baby, with a thick mess of black hair. Also, the name tag indicated it was a female baby.

Turns out that Robbie got moved to the feeder/grower unit late yesterday. This is what happens when I miss a daily call over there. Fortunately I found my baby fairly quickly. This is good for all our blood pressures.

He's not quite three pounds after all, despite my hopes and positive thinking. But it's not that far off. I did get to hold him a long time, watching him sleep. That tiny little body held in my arms. He's getting better at holding his body temperature. Granted, we didn't have him outside the isolette for very long, but it was still a very positive thing. He slept most of the time. Was a bit cranky at being moved and semi-woken.

So how was your Saturday? Do anything fun? It's raining here. Again. After not raining for enough months that I thought it would never rain again, it's raining. The ground is turning a brilliant emerald green; beautiful.

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