Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Robbie was transferred across town earlier this week, and ever since I've been fighting the depression again. I don't know just why; the move wasn't bad, as such. It was good. It means that he's stable enough to be transferred to an equal care-level facility due to need for his space in the feeder/grower unit. I would say "bed space", but technically that's not true. He was not moved from the bed. The bed went with him. The transit made him fussy and cranky. He lost two ounces. Which is not a huge thing for a lot of kids, but when he started out so small this is really a big deal. I'm stressing over gas prices again. In specific, gas prices as they relate to the increased driving, having to visit my boy in the NICU on weekends, not having much of a choice about that whole issue...

Plus we're getting sick. The Boy already is sick. My mom's fighting it, I'm ignoring it, and the Toddler appears to be unaffected so far. We'll see how long that really lasts.

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