Monday, January 07, 2008

This is a day to organize. To plan ahead. To do... something. I forget.

Do you ever have those sorts of days? They start with good intentions but go downhill so incredibly fast. I maybe should be asking is there anyone who does not have those sorts of days. It seems to me that it's one of the prerequisites to humanity. Especially when you've got little ones who delight in throwing all your careful plans to the wind.

Today I'm flying. So far. For me it comes down to routines and lists. I've always been on the compulsive side. This is directly related to having the inability to ever let anything go. I've worked on it and been in therapy for this, and although some things are easier than others I freely admit that during moments of stress and exhaustion all the old habits come back. Routines help me start and end the day- every night the dishwasher gets run and the sink is empty/nearly empty. Counters are normally cleared and ready to receive a whole new crop of Stuff in the morning. Every morning I sit down and start by checking email over breakfast. It's when these routines fall out of sync that I start losing my brain- and once it's lost it can be several days before I feel back on track with myself. I think it's having those routines that has let me survive motherhood, and it's those routines that will help me do well with having another little teeny one with all the associated doctors, specialists, therapists, and social services involved.

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