Saturday, June 28, 2008

All fear the mighty Fly Hunter Woman! Armed only with a fly stick, I hunt the common housefly and swat them down!

The other week I was able to pick up a box of those sticky fly ribbons. I uncoiled them partway, and hung them for a few days so that the glue would solidfy around the coils and make a stick-like thing. Today they were stiff enough not to collapse, and I had a sticky fly stick. Then I went hunting.

One of the drawbacks to living right here is the flies. Granted, it's nothing compared to what the folks on the dairies have to contend with. However, having the doors and windows open for a few hours in the morning is drawing the flies inside with a greater regularity. They come in and buzz around us and generally annoy the heck out of everyone for a few days until they die. Unfortunately, we open those doors and windows every morning for a few hours. There are new flies coming in all the time now. The only place I can hang the ribbons according to the directions are out of the way of the flies. If I hang them where the flies are, I would catch not only flies but the children. The glue stick, though, that is my new solution to the problem. When the babies were down for morning naps I took the stick and carefully moved it near the flies. It took some doing, but I did manage to get them. Five flies! They will bother me no more. And now that I know this theory works, I'm going to keep doing it. I foresee a less annoying week in my future.

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