Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's a wonderful feeling to see a child splashing her way through the wading pool first thing in the morning. We're under a smoke warning right now, which today means that nobody should be outside more than necessary. For my daughter, today, a small dose is necessary. She's become used to going outside for a few minutes every morning. Fresh air, exercise, the illusion of independence- mommy stays inside for the most part, keeping a watchful eye through the patio door, and the fenced in yard ensures her locational safety.

A side benefit is that I can make sure the back yard gets watered. I move the wading pool to a new section of yard in the morning, fill with water (not to the top, because there's a drought on), and on the watering days (every other) I dump the water and hose down the inside before filling again with a few inches of water. Whatever works.

Today she enjoyed her water play, her mud play, and then came in and put herself in the bathtub. All I had to do was fill it and help her peel off the wet clothes. She was able to wash herself, play a bit more, and drain the tub when done. She even hung up the drainplug so it would stay nice. Isn't that the best thing?

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