Thursday, June 12, 2008

Robbie's finally sounding better on a consistant basis. The Preschooler is finally starting to interact with me again on the level she was before this cold knocked us all for a loop. I'm feeling like I can maybe make a worthy dent in the neverending cycle of housework.

Must be Thursday.

Once I came home with a can of spam on a thursday, and the Boy took one look at it and made a rude comment. I don't remember what it was, but it was to the effect of "I'm not eating that". And like most things that eventually get eaten, I cooked it up in a recipe I had laying around, and didn't mention to him that it was spam, and he ate it. Even gave me a compliment on the dish. I bring this up because that's on the menu again for us tonight. It's a sweet-n-sour type dish, with spam and pineapple and fried rice and I'm looking forward to it.

Spam's cheap. Relatively speaking. I can get a can for 1.89, and stretch it over two main meals. If you treat it gently some people can't tell the difference between this and canned ham (which I love using, and which has frequently gotten rave reviews from my family). I'm stretching the food dollar pretty far this month, and enjoying it (which is pretty nice, really) and waiting for the economy to ease up to the point that we can go out to eat again at a restaurant with a sit-down menu.

As my earlier post pointed out, I do love the ability to stay home and raise these two kids, handful though they be. I enjoy the sites that make it possible to do this. Paid blogging. Crafts from time to time. Other things, here and there, as I can get them. If this appeals, remember the two rules of this sort of thing: never pay for the opportunity to make money, and never do something that you're ashamed to tell other people about.

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