Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been hearing all sorts of wonderful things about one of the blankies I had made for Robbie- I didn't think it was anything special, really, just something I had thrown together because I thought that it would be fun to make up and it was a useful texture. It's just a plain tube of straight knitting- nothing fancy. Just one smooth expense of plain handknitting, all the way around, thick without being too thick and smooth to the touch. No holes for little hands to get stuck in. Durable, plain, useful. Easy to throw into the stroller or the car, easy to throw over the sleeping baby when you need a stretchy hug.

So I'm going to make another one, white, and put it over in the etsy shop. Maybe it'll find a home. All I know is that the pediatrician's office is full of new moms who threaten to steal the one we have. And that I can never get done washing it because it's become the favorite one for clinging to, despite the umpteen other blankets in the linen cupboard.

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