Monday, June 16, 2008

Last week at the dollar store I indulged a curiousity I had been having for a while. I bought a pedometer and started counting my steps. It's interesting to note that while I consider myself sedentary, my step count is actually in the 10,000 steps range. Somewhere I heard that this was a desirable number and although I've yet to do serious research beyond a simple Net search, I am going to try to keep that up. Maybe add some steps here and there. Since the device clips onto my waistband, I can forget it's there. It's not easily found by the Preschooler (big bonus) and it's a tangible way to see that I'm really doing something.

Fitness. Such a mythical, magical thing to me. It's been on the unattainable list for most of my life, and I keep saying that I want to get in better shape even though I've got little stamina and less strength to do it. Sometimes I'll overexert, and then I've got to take to bed for several days. Chasing these kids around has made me more aware. Do I want to become a mother that's always sick, or just a mother that has to conserve her strength and stamina for other things. I want to run with them to the park. I want to play with them, to someday take them to an amusement park and have the ability to more than walk from the parking lot to the front gate and hold their bags while they have fun on the rides.

Maybe the steps are a move in the right direction. Maybe they'll help in small ways to bring me closer to that day.

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Lisa said...

I've been thinking I might want to try using a pedometer again myself! I had one a couple years ago that McD's gave away with their salads and I really enjoyed it.