Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blue eyes not listening
flyaway hair do you hear me
who do you see when you look towards me
is anybody there

one moment there the next I am not seen
she grasps five books and reads them all
brings to me and climbs in my lap
moves my hands to do what hers cannot do

then I am here
blue eyes lock and her joy explodes
laughter- willing- words spill over
in the maze of complex thought
go to the park, the bus, I want a popsicle
everything is right

clouds blow across the sun's face
everything is wrong
her body thrown side to side
blue eyes do not register the walls or furniture
only items to toss in her sudden storm
I hurl myself into the fray to collect her bruises
she does not see me
I don't know when she hears me
I haven't stopped talking since this storm began
some point she gulps air
tears slow, her flushed face wet
confused as she climbs into my arms
we rock and breathe together

five minutes later everything is right again
I laugh to hear her laughing
Every look is precious to me
I crave her acknowledgment
I cannot fear her storms

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