Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I've been getting steadily addicted to the weaving sticks again. I put the rug project on hold for a few days to explore a slight more difficult form- handwoven tape. In the days before machines made ribbons and twill tapes easy and cheap to obtain, they were used as fastenings and decoration (along with half a dozen other uses). I'm making this one with beige cotton, using cross-stitch needles for my weaving sticks. The tape being created is about a half inch to three-quarters inch, tight and even, a smooth weft finish (the threads go across in the narrow way instead of the long way). It's cute and neat. I'm planning to put this one on etsy as well when it's finished, to join my virtual craft show. This tape isn't fancy, but it's useful and practical...

I was trying to get a decent picture of it this morning but it was hard. I don't think the light was playing well with my camera, and possibly it was reacting poorly to my busy busy day.

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