Saturday, October 11, 2008

My stickweaving is going very well, I hope to finish the first rug by the middle of next week. The best part of all? I can't decide. Either the weaving itself, or the old-time feel of doing a form of loomless weaving that can be tucked up in my hand, or the ability to modify the weave and form to fill multiple uses.

I guess I should say that I'm in love with the whole thing and leave it like that.

In other news I'm so proud of my daughter- she's finally accepting toilet training, and has embraced it with (metaphorical) open arms. The first instance was totally without fanfare. Waiting until everyone else in the house was thoroughly occupied with other things, she walked into the bathroom, assembled her training potty, and went. I was passing by as she finished and was pulling her pants back up. Since that, she has repeated the task many times with great joy. I'm beyond thrilled at this. We all are.

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