Wednesday, November 19, 2008

And another goldfish bites the dust... Why is it that I cannot keep them alive this month? The rest of the year I did fairly well. I kept many fish living. I only had to replace fish three times. Today another one died. Strangely enough, he sank rather than floated. Wish I knew why that was- did he suffer fatal constipation or something? But we're down to one fish again, and I'm seriously considering letting this one live out the rest of the lifespan without replacing any more. We're moving in a few months, and this is one less hassle in my day.

I have grown quite used to the tank, though. To watching my fishies, the kids' fishies, rather, and enjoying the hum of water and light. It makes the living room a less dark place. Fish are good pets for little ones, they produce very little in the way of mess.


Must be a Wednesday. Never could get the hang of Wednesdays.

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