Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to Viral Market is a new offering from sherpa stores. The kit is available now, and offers the latest techniques and instruction in viral marketing. What is viral marketing? No doubt you've already come across it. In simple terms, it takes advantage of human behaviors to spread word of mouth advertising about products using existing social networks. A person may know three or four people to talk to every day. If they tell these three people, then those three tell their acquaintances, and so on. Viral marketing is a low-cost way to spread word of new things- just look at how rumors spread on myspace! Or gossip. The only difference is that the initiation of this type of gossiping is usually paid for. A small investment, say five bucks to a person for just dropping your product name in their daily conversations, could have 200 customers visiting your site within the next month.

The important part of this method is to frame the message so that it is more likely to be passed on. I guess that's why a lot of chain letters don't always work. Are you more likely to forward an email if it appeals to you and your wider network of friends? Are you more likely to hit delete if it misses the point?

It's worth a thought. After all, isn't that part of the point of blogging in the first place? To spread thoughts, ideas, your own words beyond the confines of your immediate social network?

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