Saturday, November 29, 2008

I grew up in an area where hunting season was a religious holiday and excused one from school for about three days of the year. Rites of passage for the boys I studied with. Not that they usually were out for killing things, it was merely a way to bond with their male relatives. Sometimes with their female relatives, depending on the family.

Black Friday is tradition there too. Some of the best shopping deals of the year happen on that day. If you are buying linens, you aim for the white sales between Christmas and New Year. If you're buying anything else, like Nikon BDC Slam Hunter's Package, which contains a lot of the really cool stuff that a hunter would want, you go on Black Friday. This year because of the economy being what it is, the bargains are better than ever on most of the retail sites. Shoppers are being careful with their money. The credit crunch is coming closer. And a lot of people find that if you're having to tighten the wallets a lot you'd better plan a few splurges in there or else it will lead to a spending spree and regrets.

Look at it like a diet. If you deny yourself cake for a year, by the time month 7 comes around you'll start salivating at the very hint of a cake. If cake is presented to you in an attractive way, you'll eat yourself sick on it. Much better to set aside one night a week to have a small sliver of cake. That way you can indulge that wish and not overindulge later.

Of course, if you're into hunting, you'd be better off with the above-mentioned deal than a chocolate cake.

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