Sunday, December 23, 2007

I always hated the thought of planning my wedding. Even though we were doing the legal stuff first, we had counted on doing the "church thing " later on. If you've been reading this blog, you know that life didn't work out quite that way for us. There were babies. Preemies. My perpetually cold feet to deal with. But the day will come again that I'll have to sit down and plan as wedding back east, without the benefit of living there. It makes me shiver. On one hand I want to do it; get to be a bride in a white sparkly dress- even though my dress will now be something other than white. On the other hand how do I wade through all the things I'll have to do? There's the location. The food. Alcohol? Lodging for out of town guests who will be traveling there? Lodging for us? And childcare... can't forget that now. In fact, that may be more Of a consideration now than ever before. Philadelphia Weddings are a snap when you have an online option for your planning needs. If you're wary of dealing with crowds of vendors all in your face, there's the convenience of doing it online. If you're too far away to visit a wedding show, there's the convenience of making the arrangements on your own time and schedule instead of with twenty vendors distracting you.

I grew up in the Philadelphia area. I know how hard it can be if you're looking at either a low key wedding or an Event worthy of the Main Line. Budgets are important. If I could do this all for little money and the most convenience, this is where I'd start. Longwood Gardens? Sign me up, when the gardens are budding and if you could arrange for the holiday lights to stay up a little longer? That's just fine with me. This site is as good place for me to start. If I change my mind as to having this party on the east coast, they cover plenty of other big areas

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