Thursday, December 27, 2007

I'm getting even more frustrated with the big G. Google. They took away my page rank, as fast as they had given it. And what does that prove? Why should they be the standard when they don't disclose how page rank is given, taken, or anything about their adsense problem. I think by now most people know that Adsense will ban your account without ever giving you a reason or proof of misdoing. Any request for reconsideration to either program insists that you check a box saying that you know the ban was all your own fault. Well, what if it wasn't?

Earthfrisk is coming on the scene. It's a fast and simple way to combine all the major search engines and issue ranks given by your peers on the Net. You can download a customizeable search bar that's compatible with IE and Firefox. Make it work for you. Search Engine does not need to take you to three or four different versions of the same results. Search all the major engines at once and save time! The meta-future is dawning with a new way to do things.

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