Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My little boy is now 1 lb 11 oz. If this keeps up he might just double his birth weight by the time he's a month old. Isn't that the coolest?

The Toddler, by comparison, took about 6 weeks to double her birth weight. Of course, she was a bigger baby. Just when did 2lb, 10oz become a big baby? About the second that I fully comprehended that I had delivered a 1 pounder.

We're off to a positive start this morning. Mommy slept twelve hours. Toddler slept 14 hours. Newborn remains stable in the NICU, demanding his pretty nurses bring him breakfast in the isolette... Daddy is tired, putting in another 12 hour day. He's got that sucky schedule all this week but I'm crossing my fingers that nothing happens of an emergency nature over the holiday. We all need that little break.

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