Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's Thursday. It is, right? My days and numbers are getting so screwed up this month. On the other hand I look at how much has happened in the past 30 days. Thanksgiving. Christmas. A new baby. Pumping as much as I can stand it. Insomnia. Getting back up to speed on preemie issues, tailored to this season and area. Toddler getting ready to transition to the next educational step through the next several months.

I guess I can cut myself some slack on this.

So the new pumping regimen. I've talked about it already, yes? In the first two days of this slightly different style and timing I've gone back up to half an ounce combined. And I've got a lot of hope that just maybe if I can keep going with it and the hydration required and all that fenugreek I can bump it slowly even higher than that. I hope so. Robbie just went to 15ml a feeding. Yikes! That's half an ounce.

And it's almost the weekend again. I'm so ready for this.

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