Sunday, December 28, 2008

All about socks

The Yarn Harlot (see sidebar for her site) has waxed poetic about socks on many occassions. This is one of my favorites. It inspires me that she can be so open with her myriad projects, and looking at her pictures reminds me of my own work area. And the secondary work area. And the spot by my bed, under my bed, the box under the dresser, and the box in the closet. Oh yes, and the rubbermaid bins full of more stuff. I've even used a stacking crate system to make my own stash shop in the family room- imagine a yarn store's cubbies, only in a corner under a window where I can see what I'm doing and stack the skeins right out in the open where I can walk by and admire them.

My addi turbo needles arrived from england this week. Yay. "yay" is actually way too tame a word. I want to roll around in my bed cradling them to me, but I'll settle for just tucking them into my purse and carrying them around everywhere until the blue socks are done. The blue socks are a commission, and are also the first pair I'm able to do entirely on one needle in the round. I wish it were easier to find a 12" circular needle, that I would have obtained this item years ago. I've crocheted socks. I've knitted them on a straight standard needle, double-points, and two circulars. Now I'm doing it on one needle, and so far it has been everything I dreamed it would be. Wonderful.

Also hot on my mind is the pancake bread recipe. I did this ages ago, with homemade bisquick mix, and it worked out nicely enough that it occured to me this would be a great way to get a bread-like substitute that's wheat-free and tastes good, plus being simple to make, cook, and freeze. Make your favorite pancake or biscuit mix, a trifle more thick than you would if making traditional pancakes. Drop by small spoonfuls onto a hot greased griddle. Treat like a pancake as far as cooking. Then top with whatever. Cheese, lunchmeat, pb&j. Syrup and butter. I know it's not really a new concept. It's new to me though.

Must go. Duty calls. So does my bed. It's nearly 8, it's not bedtime yet but I'll willing to treat it as though it were, and I'm very Very tired. Long day chasing the little ones.

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