Sunday, December 07, 2008

I've spent the past few days knitting a pair of cotton socks for a friend. Last year I made her a pair of wool socks, which met with two unfortunate accidents. I hate wool- it never does what I want it to do. One of the pair felted while being gently handwashed, the other sock stretched. How is it possible for two identical socks (made from the same skein, no less, to suffer like that? I've never had that problem with cotton. Cotton is gentle and does what I want it to do, and can be machine washed and dried without effort. No coddling, very dependable. I love fibers that I can depend upon.

The Boy is away this week. Doing navy stuff. On a ship. He'll be back next week, soon enough, but Tiffany is really missing him. She was clingy to me yesterday and today, and spent a lot of time with me in eyesight. Woe to us if I left her presence for more than ten minutes! She'd come looking for me. While I'm glad that she cares, it's a bit disconcerting to have her suddenly acting so normally with a mommy-attachment while at the same time seeming to ignore me completely.

On the other hand, this behavior is perfectly normal for a cat. And she has so many other cat-like tendancies.

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