Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's certainly been an interesting week. We've all been sick- have I mentioned that here yet? I don't remember, offhand, and I'm too lazy to check. Right now I'm finishing up four loads of laundry and a sink full of dishes- the remnants of a busy and happy Sunday afternoon.

I've been working on my socks lately, finishing a pair in lavender, blue, and white that will go live on Etsy tomorrow when I take some pictures of them. The next pair is already on the needles. I'm experimenting with a rolled stockinette cuff. Brownie points for those of you who know what that is without looking it up :)

Bought some new sock needles last night with the ad money. I'm trying to save up for a special birthday present for the Boy, but I couldn't resist the needles. They looked so nice, and they were reasonably priced, and one of the better brands. I've never worked with them, but I hear that they glide through fiber like a hot knife through warm cheese.

mmm. Cheese. Got to go, feeling hungry again.

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