Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm dreaming a wonderful dream and I never want to wake up from it. We decided to try eliminating wheat from Tiff's diet on Sunday, when she was getting over being so sick, and she had sat herself down to polish off an entire can of apple wagon wheels. That was extraordinary. Getting her to eat enough has been tricky ever since she started table foods. It's been... challenging.

Since then she's eaten about three times as much on a daily basis. Essentially, she's suddenly eating normal amounts of food for a child her age without coaxing. She latched onto rice cakes, and wagon wheels, and has been willing to try a greater range of table foods without throwing a fit. That's just the change in her eating.

The change is in the rest of her. I am seeing the fog lift. I'm watching my little girl wake up. I'm talking to her and she is acknowledging hearing my voice, she turns to me and speaks in a soft clear voice, she's watching my face light up when I can recognize her words and she responds eagerly to that... I'm afraid to believe this is happening. Is it the wake up we've been waiting for? Is it possible that it's finally here?

We tried this sort of diet before, once, and nothing. Maybe she wasn't ready? Maybe it wasn't the time? I don't care. I'm seeing some sort of hope and I'm afraid to believe as much as I'm afraid not to believe.

I don't want to wake up from this dream.

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