Friday, July 06, 2007

Between lapfuls of Cute Toddler, and trying to rest, I've been pretty quiet lately. And yes, I've been struggling a bit with the depression as well. So far I'm coming up a winner. This is the important thing.

Among the other things of vital importance is that yesterday morning I got the very first glimpse of my new Little Bit. I heard the heart beating under my own. I felt the reality of the wiggle wiggle Thump THUMP that keeps me awake at night. Now it all makes me feel calm. The thought that soon I'll be back in a brutal round of doctor appts and checkups doesn't faze me at all. Not even the part where this set of doctors will be at a 45minute drive from the house, as opposed to a 10 or 15 minute drive. I've got a baby on the way and an adorable little girl already here. Life does not get much better than this.

Also on the happy front? I got my first payout for payperpost. The ad copy I wrote last month has been paid out to my paypal account. This will buy goldfish crackers and something pretty for the Toddler. And a taco.

The heatwave of this week has been nearly beyond belief. If we were back on the east coast with the humidity they receive, I'd be unable to breathe outside the house. Yesterday it reached 109 degrees outside. Thank God for central air. And for the low humidity of the desert that makes all of this bearable for me while I'm feeling sick and tired.

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Ila said...

So exciting!