Monday, July 23, 2007

I lost a day. Wait. How did it get to be past dinnertime, when the last moment I clearly remembered of the whole middle of the day was lunch?

Oh. Right. HP7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Contrary to what seems to be most of the rest of the people I know, I wasn't waiting with bated breath for it's release. I was all mellow. I still am. The Boy read it. It was set onto my pile to read. I picked it up and started reading. It won't take me long, even. But... I am finding it absorbing enough to hold my attention in a way that I did not experience with books 5 or 6.

I did, however, finish a white sock this weekend. And I went to the store today to get a gallon of milk and some bread. I also inherited a big bag of yarn, color coordinated, and enough of it to make one afghan/bedspread for Tiff. Pink, purple, and white. This is a good thing. Free yarn is always welcome. A new project to ensure my hands stay busy? Even better. Bring it on, I say! Bring it on!

Also, Tiff made Cake with her Grammy this weekend. I got the pictures downloaded this morning. I leave you with this thought.

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