Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've been signed up with payperpost for a bit over a month now. And so far, I love it. It pays when they promise, to paypal- which lets me spend the funds over on ebay or request a check. Which is fairly instant and completely under my control. I like that over most of my other survey sites; although the payment comes through just as promised it takes a minimum of a month to process, then a couple of weeks for a check, and they only start processing at a certain day of the month- if I miss that day it takes up to another full 6 weeks to get the money.

And so I like the payperpost.

I've made about eleven dollars so far. With another 6 in the wings. For a month of work and a few blog posts I figure it's easy money. The only thing I would change is the availability of the higher paying opportunities. But since it's easy money- who am I to complain? So far I'm buying stuff to support my new pregnancy. Little Bit is growing outwards faster than Tiff did. This is a good sign, but it makes me want to scurry around to start getting nickels and dimes away for the new Goldfish Fund.

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