Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today I'm knitting in a super bulky chenille yarn. It's 98 degrees outside my front door. Does this mean that I'm out of my ever-freaking mind? You bet it does. You better believe I've also got the air conditioner working.

The family is down for a nap and I'm trying to hydrate. It involves many many cups of herbal teas. Many cups of cold water. Many trips to the bathroom in which I envy my non-potty trained offspring. The knitting is helping keep my mind off the fact that I have to take another drink every two minutes. It's intended home is the lucky lady who was assigned to be my Summer Secret Santee (the one who gets the gift from me). I've shopped for her at the five&dime and now I'm making a fuzzy blue shawl to help give her a hug when the winter comes again.

Still. Knitting chenille in this heat? Must be nuts.

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