Friday, July 20, 2007 - "fitness dating"

When I was still single and looking for a match, I tried several dating sites. Match, singles, and I'll tell you what most of us have already found out. It's hard to find somebody who shares your interests. The dating world really is a sea full of fish; there are hundreds of species and colors and varieties and how do we ever find the time to sort it out?

It's hard enough so why make it harder? Instead of the club scenes scores of tired office professionals surf the web in the comfort of their homes and fuzzy bunny slippers. I loved the freedom it gave me. Instead of hundreds of blind dates with total strangers I could get a feel for the person and only went on three or four of them. I think sites like this one do a good job by gathering people of like interests so that it makes the weeding down of all the possibilities even easier for that tired person sitting on their couch.

On you can search by your preferences- man seeking woman, age, zip code. Profiles are blurbs with photos and registration is free. Like most dating sites, for certain levels of contact (messaging through the site, premium services) you will become a paid member- I've actually done that in the past with a certain dating site and had very good results.

If I had to go back out there and find another man, this is a site I would consider using.
fitness singles

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