Monday, July 30, 2007

When we moved into this house, we had the movers stack everything into nice rows of cardboard boxes in the family room. While it meant we couldn't use the family room at all, it also kept the unpacking clutter away from Curious Toddler. That was more important to us; the unpacking fell mostly to me in the early days, as the Boy was busy reporting in at his new command . After a few weeks of dedicated unpacking, I fell behind. Way behind. So far behind that I stopped unpacking, and we were left with a family room full of half-empty boxes, assorted trash, and the odds and ends of stuff that we hadn't a clue what to do with yet. Those boxes have now achieved this state:Leaving the majority of all that fine space open, the carpet is visible, I have a sewing nook (out of camera shot) and the library has been moved into the family room to make space available in the third bedroom for both a guest bed and (eventually) a second nursery.
And here are the socks I have been working on for the past week. Plain, white, socks. They will be warm and soft and cuddle the feet of a warmhearted individual who has devoted most of her energy this past year in supporting me and my Boy, and loving the Toddler. Plus, it will encourage her to stop obsessing over the holes in the heels of the socks I made her at Christmas. Love you, Mom. Really. Now stop perseverating. We both need to set a good example for Tiff.

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