Saturday, July 28, 2007

The way I see it, if I can find some sort of paid blogging post every few days, it's a consistent addition to the Goldfish Cracker Fund. Which is a totally great thing. It makes me feel better about the prospects of staying a housewife with two little kids, it lets me contribute something back to the household funds besides all my time and effort around the house. (What time and effort? Well, the Toddler doesn't tickle herself or play games alone, does she? And when I'm on my feet around here I can actually get a pretty decent rhythm going as a mom)

So that's my excuse for the sponsored stuff. This past 30 days worth of paid blogging has brought in $55 to the Goldfish Cracker Fund (GCF). Not shabby. The clicks everyone has been gracious enough to take on the sidebar has brought in $14 this month. As you can see, it adds to the overall budget and the amount is definitely worth the time it takes. And this is just starting out with one month of consistant work on my part.

Coming soon: pictures of socks. And other knitterly goodness. It's almost Toddler Naptime, which is something I'm not exactly looking forward to doing. Looking forward to the quiet, not so much to the struggle of getting her to bed. I'd let her give it up, except she really does need that nap. Not that she'll ever admit it...

Tomorrow or tonight there will be some pretty pictures. Until then, good luck and best wishes. Stay safe.

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