Thursday, July 26, 2007

I've not been making very good progress on my many projects this week. Reasons/Excuses for this include: playing with Toddler. Attempting to preempt the other adults in the house on housework. I realize this seems silly. Who in their right mind would argue at getting out of dishwashing, meal prepping, and laundry? Not to mention picking up, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, and all the other fun things that go along with homemaking. But it does get on my nerves every now and then that I'm being trumped at every turn. I would have to get up before 0800 in order to do these things. Instead of dragging myself awake at 0800 I want to do these chores around 1000. By 1000, these chores are usually done.

So what do I do? Smile and be glad I'm getting off the hook on many of the undesirable chores. The Little Bit is behaving rather well... I'm so not-sick as compared to where I was with Tiff that I'm on the way to being convinced that this is a male child. A boy child. oooh. On our way to that white picket fence world, two children- one of each, a husband with a full time day job that supports our family (fairly well, all the basics, few if any frills), and I get to stay home and bake bread while wearing pearls and a frilly apron.

Another item for the project list- spa socks. I want to start making a few pairs of spa socks to list on the Virtual Craft Show. Would there be interest in this from the AltMamas? Or anyone else? Remember: handmade socks are a rare thing. They're comfy, show a high level of "snob appeal", and above all they're the most comfy things I've ever put on my feet. Me, who normally puts on and takes off socks in my sleep due to perpetually cold feet. Which habit may have led to the pair of socks recently discovered shoved into a tissue box. Why is this? What was I thinking when this happened? Exactly how asleep must I have been to accomplish this feet? This is the sort of behavior which can lead to accidental sex with the Boy. How does one have accidental sex? Well, we were both asleep, and it had been a chilly night so we snuggled up. And this was back when he still slept naked. And, well, things sort of happen by themselves without us being fully awake until it's really pointless to stop.

I will point out here that this was well before we were parents. Since the Toddler, the Boy sleeps clothed. Less to remember to do should he be required to leap from bed in the night to go comfort/clean/change/feed the Toddler. Or any of the other many crucial parenting acts. Do I miss those days? Yep. Then I see my Toddler smiling at me, or giggling on her Daddy's knee, or doing any of a hundred things to make me realize that I'm the luckiest woman on earth at this moment. I miss the childless days. But I wouldn't go back to them for anything.

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