Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I know it's been a long time since I got over here. Sorry. It's just been, well, odd. Not odder than normal. Just odd. Thing is, I've been nesting the past couple of days. Very strange.

I realized that Monday was my due date. Monday, my little boy became officially "born". His adjusted age is now measured in real time instead of a negative date. In theory, this means he's going to be eligible for homecoming at any time. Rule of thumb with preemies is that they are discharged around 5 pounds, their due date, and when they are able to eat and breathe on their own.

Robbie's now meeting all but one of those criteria. He's not quite taking all his feeds orally. Which means that as soon as he eats on his own, he's home. Thus my nesting frenzy.

Diaper bag! Must be packed! Baby clothes must be sorted and folded and dreamed over. Bottles washed and ready to go. Boobs instructed firmly that they must either start producing more milk or it's time to get used to not being cosseted the way they are with pumping and massaging and compressing... Either breastfeeding is going to work out or we'll be hanging up the horns because I do not have it in me to pump and supplement when Toddler-wrangling and caring for a newborn. This morning I woke up thinking that this was the day that we were going to just not pump, but I decided to sit down at the pump anyway and lo- they produced about double what I'd been seeing for a week or so now. So I'm interested to see what happens next.

The rest of my life continues. The crib has arrived. The frenzied baby shopping of last weekend is starting to trickle in by way of delivery trucks. I'm psyched. It really won't be long now.

I won't have a lot of time then, I'm sure.

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