Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I swear, these kids are more like their parents that I'm comfortable admitting. The older one- she's always been so expressive with her face. It makes up for the not communicating. People used to ask me how I would know when she was hungry/thirsty/etc when she refused to talk or look at me, and I'd shrug. You just know these things.

Part of it, obviously, that I'm her mama and thus have some sort of psychic bond to my child's brain. This is why I know instinctively when something's wrong or she's into something she shouldn't be. (Hint: the small giggle is a dead giveaway that she's into mischeif) The other part is her wonderfully expressive face as a small child. I can look at her and supply a whole conversation that fits what must be running through her brain.

The new one. Just like his big sister. Honestly, it makes me crack up to see him do this. I was holding him this evening and he had a lot of gas suddenly, and in a minute we went from placid sleepiness to bright red face and two eyes opening up as wide as they go in an OMG What is happening to me look. Confused and horrified. Then it was over. Same thing with a burp. And there was an incident with the feeding tube that I cannot put into adequate words right now. Tomorrow, probably, but not tonight.

I know this post is disjointed. I'll do better tomorrow. Right now I've got all this mixed up mess of joy and laughter and tears and exhaustion.

Peace to all of you out there. Thank you for checking in on us. Much appreciated.

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