Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Today he weighs in at 1995 grams. I asked the nurses if that was with tax or not- hey, when you're on a budget and preparing to bring a new baby home, these things are important to know.

My toddler had a wonderful day at school this afternoon. The center brought in a young baby goat for the children to "experience". It was like a petting zoo in the classroom. The goat stood in a big box of hay, the sides of which were high enough to prevent the overeager children from doing damage to the animal in their excitement. Also, the teacher to child ratio is usually one to one minimum. No harm was done, despite my daughter's repeated attempts to climb into the box after the animal.

You've got to catch her on the right days in the right mood. When all systems are go, she's the most eager, bright-eyed, normal seeming child in the world. Then there are the other days which I find myself venting about more and more on these pages. Those days I'm not talking about tonight.

The goat caused full body wiggles in her delight. She was so happy to pet the goat, to feel the straw, to make goat-like noises at the kid. Recently we've developed a love affair with Baby Einstein's MacDonald. She does love her some farm animals. Right now I'm limiting her to no more than four times a day of that video. It makes her drop everything and a smile of pure joy break on her face. That sort of smile and joy that makes my heart melt away to nothing.

I love her, and her little brother, and I am still waiting eagerly for the day when I can introduce them. For the day when I see them look at each other with understanding and a sibling bond of sorts. That day will likely not come easily, or often, but on those days when it will... that's why I do this. That's a bonus. That's why I am taking this challenge of parenting on with a right good will and a willing heart. The road is not going to be easy, but it is doable.

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