Monday, February 04, 2008

Once again it is Rest Time at the homestead, and I have to ask all of you out there: What Gives?

I mean, I've given up on ever expecting a nap out of the Toddler, but she is expected to rest/play quietly in her room for the duration of said nap. Right now I'm trying to get through some laundry folding and bread baking. She's having a dance party. I've heard every musical toy go off within the past five minutes and she keeps giggling and climbing in and out of bed. This is definitely not resting.

I guess it's just the early phases of interpreting mama's instruction to her own advantage. I tell her to stay in bed. She's in bed. Granted, she's brought most of her room into bed with her, but she's physically in bed.

Yep. There was no mistake at the hospital with her. This is my child.

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