Friday, February 29, 2008

Towards the beginning of the week I got samples in the mail. I love samples. I also love hair stuff. What I got was a little packet of naked naturals awapuhi and lavender shampoo. Smells wonderful, which is my main criteria in new shampoos. I mean, if I'm going to be spending that kind of time and effort on my hair -which is now longer than it's been ever before- it has to smell nice when I'm done with it.

In the next year or so I'm fully expecting to smell like formula and spitup most of the time. That's another reason why my hair is so important. And I don't fuss with it either. I just want it clean and tangle free without having to leave chunks of my hair on the brush everytime I go through it. A major drawback to long hair is the amount of time I spend combing and brushing it. Especially after a washing. When your hair gets long enough that it's easier to just wash it in the bathtub under the faucet twice a week, you appreciate the benefits of a good shampoo just that little bit more. I like using natural shampoo, especially one that makes those long hairs stronger and less likely to be left behind in the brush.

Something I learned about the Naked Naturals company in the course of this trial is that they don't use a lot of the harsher chemicals in their products. This goes with my philosophy of having non-toxic products in my home. I learned when my daughter was born that the more I could keep chemicals and toxic things out of the house the healthier we both stayed. Now I've got a son that has the same fragility problems that she was born with. It just makes more sense to stay away from products that poison the environment. Where does the runoff from our house go? I do not know, and I think I'm happier not knowing, but eventually it is going to dump out in the environment somewhere. What are all those residues going to do to animal life, to plant life? I don't consider myself a crunchy granola mom, but I do know all about the cumulative effects of stuff. The less I add to those accumulations the better, right? Which is why I might just consider switching my preferred brand of shampoo to this company.

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